File_000 (1)It started with a gathering of community members,  City Council members and City staff with the melancholy sound of a pianist tapping the ivory’s in the back ground. Wine, an organic Vodka drink and food from local stores sat atop the tables.  It was a classy and artistic event .  The crowd next heard the piano cease and the sound of a slicing shear that cut the blue ribbon welcoming “The Murrieta Arts Council” in joining the Murrieta Chamber of Commerce. With a welcoming and supportive speech by our City’s Mayor, Randon Lane and a well received applause from the attendees, the piano sound resumed.  Several local artists with their paintings on display, an interactive “painting tree” were there for all to see and participate in. The gratuitous donors for the evening were on display: Direct Electric Company, Wine from Estate D’Lacobelli, Vodka from Sukari, foods from Barons Market, Chick Filet and Dunkin Donuts.  The sound of the Temecula Valley Symphony started outside, these talented and dedicated musicians with violins, cello, and a key board pouring a collective sound into the library’s courtyard, they received a grand applause. Then, very talented a-cappella opera singer, Sascha LaRusso     sang several beautiful and mesmerizing songs like that of a siren’s, the audience was once again impressed, she was rewarded with a grand applause.  And then the Academy of Ballet Arts walked upon the stage where a version of the Nutcracker was performed followed by a couple of duet performances and two singular performances, it was so beautiful that there were tears in many of the audiences eyes! The applause told the story and demonstrated the appreciation.  This level of art is here, within our City, with all of the disciplines of the Arts. It is the Murrieta Arts Council’s primary mission to create venues for these many talented and dedicated artists. This not only supports them, it also allows for the community to benefit and experience the many and diverse artistic talents that this City has cultured. The Murrieta Arts Council has the City to assist them in creating these much needed venues. Local and small event venues are the primary and immediate goals and in the future visions as grand as a Performing Arts Theater! Expect to see “The Backyard”, coming soon to Down Town Murrieta on the corner of Washington and Juniper. It will be a small private venue for anyone and everyone wanting to practice, display or play their art! When you experience and see the true talent that this City has within her you soon realize that this must become a priority. That priority is what the Murrieta Arts Council was founded upon. The Murrieta Arts Council is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit. To date the Council has been initiated, organized and run by a dedicated handful of community members who have given up their time and resources to make this a reality. It is now that reality. Any donations and or support for this would be greatly appreciated.