The Murrieta Arts Council is proud to announce that Murrieta Fire Chief, Scott Ferguson, has joined our Board of Directors!!!!

Before moving to Murrieta in 2015 to become our Fire Chief, Mr. Ferguson had successfully served 5 years as Fire Chief of Santa Monica. He has previously been the Fire Chief in Manhattan Beach, Peoria, Arizona, and Vancouver, Washington.

What you may not know is that Scott Ferguson is also an amazing artist! We hope to showcase his work for all of you one day soon!!
“My mom actually inspired me to tinker with different styles of art; she has always painted using oils, acrylic, watercolor, and now creates some amazing jewelry. I am still trying to figure out my niche, but only started painting portraits about two years ago. It provided some balance at a time that I needed to think about something other than work. “
Please join us in welcoming Mr. Ferguson to the Murrieta Arts Council!
Murrieta Fire Chief & Murrieta Arts Council Board Member