As heavily discussed at the Visioning Forum for the Arts, Murrieta is in dire need of art & culture related events! All those attending the Forum agree, and hopefully those with a bit of free time and passion can step forward to help us bring art out in the open for Murrieta’s citizens to enjoy!

Over the past few weeks, the current Board has reviewed stacks of surveys, spreadsheets, graphs & lists, deciphering -> WHO in our community is willing to step up to help our Mission -> WHAT people want to see in Murrieta -> WHEN As soon as possible!  -> WHERE In our lovely community of Murrieta Valley.

And this is what we have found so far:

  1. Murrietians are awesome (that is a given)
  2. We need more venue & theater space
  3. There are MANY artists throughout the Valley

Survey results show the top “Wish List” for Murrieta to be as follows:

  1. Art Galleries
  2. Art Expos / Art Walk
  3. Art & Music Festival – could also include culinary arts!
  4. Artist Workshops
  5. Performing Arts Theater
  6. Studio Space
  7. Misc. others including poetry readings, arts cinema, art in public places, etc

This information is invaluable as we embark on this endeavor to bring more events to Murrieta!

What are your thoughts?  Please share!

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