How does one go about gathering artists in a digital age?  A search on Etsy of course 🙂

A quick search for local artists within Southwest Riverside county led to a vast number of artists with various styles and level of expertise.  Browsing our local artist pages is awe-inspiring.  Who knew so much talent existed right under our very nose!

Stumbling across Spencer Miller’s art, I paused.  Wow.  Who was this melancholy girl? The juxtaposition of her pouting eyes with the various images of nature, ranging from foliage to insects, is intriguing.

I had to meet him.

Perks of working for an arts council…the artists will often accept your request to meet 🙂

Arranging to meet at his home to view his pieces, he takes me to his arsenal of somber girls glaring off of wooden planks.  His art is of Japanese influence with marker & pen bringing the wood to a renewed life as a piece of art.

Spencer is a full-time architecture student & cat lover.  He is wise beyond his years & a wonderful asset to our community.  Dozens of his works have sold thanks to his pieces being displayed in a Venice Beach restaurant.  Those drawn to his art are willing to pay fairly for an original work of art. Spencer’s imagination & creativity is stunning.